It’s not Wednesday, but I was inspired and I have things to say.

Lots of bumps in this launch – more than most expected, I believe. The issues that have been plaguing customers and Blizzard for the past couple of days have stirred chaos and hate within the community, which is rather unfortunate.

Over the past 24 hours I’ve survived queue times, people drawing blood on social media, more than enough lag, fear of hearthing to my garrison, and my characters getting lost in the nether. Despite the troubles this launch has given us, I’m of the opinion that Warlords of Draenor is the best expansion Blizzard has put out. The content is incredible. The quests are immersive. My character has spent the past eight years being told she was the hero, the Savior of Azeroth, but it wasn’t until I stepped through that portal that I actually felt she was the hero many have claimed her to be.

I guess I could say I’m saving Azeroth. We all are.

Love and Loot,