The first chapter of Surviving Azeroth ended on a bittersweet note, and it’s on that note that I’d like to leave it. Though most of the characters have come and gone, the new comics will continue to feature Immersa and will introduce a new character, Dracyn.

I narrowed it down to two characters for a few reasons. I’ve only two accounts, so creating scenes with more than two characters at a time was frustrating and time-consuming. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see Vraela or Enoku as one of the main characters in a later chapter. They’ve already been introduced, so it wouldn’t be complicated to re-introduce them later.

The only other big change is that the comic is now less drama, more humor. It’s based around situations that players can relate to and better relates to the title of the comic.

I’m still updating the character and about page. You can expect those to be completed before chapter two begins.

Chapter Two will pick up next week (11/5/2014) with Immersa and Dracyn leaving for Draenor. See you there!